What is a pump track?

    A pump track is a wheel-based play space that consists of a continuous loop track that is designed with curves and humps to propel a rider around with little pedalling and lots of thrills and fun.

    Where is it to be located?

    The pump track will be located on the lawn area next to the youth precinct and BBQ area on the south end of the foreshore and near the toilets and changing places amenities.

    Why do we need it?

    During community consultation there has been support for additional skate park elements to be considered and included to the area which includes more plaza skate experiences.

    The addition of the pump track is a form of extension as the current concept includes the ability for this pump track to be accessed by skaters and scooter users. It can be used by mountain bike riders and BMX users as well as small children on balance bikes and roller skaters.

    What is the pump track to be made from?

    The pump track being installed at the foreshore is made of pre-cast concrete with concrete infill in parts of the track centre. It will offer a complementary riding experience similar to, but different from the modular track at Heywood and the asphalt track at Casterton.

    Why can’t it be asphalt and bigger?

    The foreshore location of this track will be easily accessible to tourists and visitors and day trippers enjoying the range of activities the foreshore has to offer.

    Council is supportive of future investigation into a larger, competition-style asphalt pump track – similar to Mt Gambier.

    The pre-cast pump track has been selected specifically in consultation with Council’s arborist to determine the size and design that will have minimal impact on the existing trees and root structure.

    Will the area be closed?

    During the installation of the pump track only the immediate area will be fenced and inaccessible, however some barbecues may be unavailable.