Task 1 - to be completed by 13 May

3 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

This task is about reviewing the data from the consultation and identifying priorities for your township. This is where you can dream big and look towards 2040!

After everyone has answered the questions, we will be able to identify priorities for the area. This might include projects the community can deliver, as well as larger projects that government agencies (like the Shire Council) will need to advocate for or directly deliver.

Responses must be submitted by midnight Wednesday 15 May 2020.

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lynn.murrell47 3 months ago
The overall discussion issues cover the future aspirations for the Shire. Most ideas make good reading and are well meaning. My main concern is the potential for successful implementation by Council itself. The discussion paper needs to address how priories are met, who will be responsible for this, on what timeline and what budget commitment. A suggestion would be to produce after full community consultation appropriate Strategies with rigorous and detailed action plans.