Why is L2P Important?

    L2P is needed because a key element of the new Graduated License System since 1 July 2007 requires that all learner drivers aged under 21 years (when they apply for a probationary licence) achieve a minimum of 120 hours supervised driving experience, which is certified and recorded by both the learner and the supervising driver(s) in the VicRoads My Learner App or the Learner Log Book. 

    For most young learner drivers the opportunity to achieve 120 hours of supervised driving practice will be generated through practice with parents and additional practice through lessons with professional driving instructors. For others, extended family or close friends will be available to assist. VicRoads is aware that there are a number of young people who will have considerable difficulty in gaining access to this experience, due to non-availability of a vehicle or a supervising driver (or both) on an on-going basis. For this group of people an access program, provided across the state, is required.

    How does L2P work?

    Learner drivers are matched with fully licensed community volunteers. Using a sponsored vehicle, the learner and their mentor go out driving, working toward gaining the required 120 hours of driving practice. L2P also incorporates up to 7 free professional driving lessons by a registered driving instructor. This ensures the young learner drivers have some skills before being matched with a volunteer mentor and also provides for the acquisition of new skills as they progress through the four stages of the Graduated Licence system.

    How can I be involved as a young learner driver?

    The Glenelg L2P Program targets young learner drivers aged 16 – 21 years who live in the Glenelg Shire Council and who have their learner’s permit. It aims to assist young learner drivers who do not have access to either a vehicle or supervising driver to achieve the mandatory 120 hours of driving practice before obtaining a probationary licence. Young people can be referred to the program by youth agencies, schools, parents, or can refer themselves. There is no charge to participants accepted into this program.

    How do I apply to become a learner driver?

    You will be required to complete the online application and attend a meeting with the L2P Coordinator to discuss your eligibility.

    How can I be invovled as a volunteer mentor?

    The mentors are volunteers from the community who undertake a selection and training process to fulfil the role as a supervising driver. Mentors develop and maintain a supportive and ongoing relationship with the young person they are matched with by meeting with the learner driver for a minimum of one hour per week. Mentoring provides opportunities to meet new people and to develop new skills as well as providing a much needed community service.

    How do I apply to become a L2P mentor?

    You will be required to complete the online application form and attend a meeting with the L2P Coordinator to discuss your eligibility.

    What happens after I apply?

    All Application forms will be acknowledged either by email, in writing, or a phone call so that you know your application has been received.

    The L2P Coordinator will be in contact with you to arrange a meeting to discuss your application further.

    Please note there can be a waiting period due to high demand, however we try to place eligible applications as soon as possible.