Why do we need an updated Accessible Eating Guide?

    The updated guide will incorporate all of Glenelg Shire so that all members of the Shire have access to information that suits them. An updated guide also allows other businesses the chance to be included and to broaden their understanding of access and inclusion. Updating the Accessible Eating Guide is also actioned in the Glenelg Shire Council Access and Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2014-2017.

    What does it mean when a venue is accessible?

    Overall accessibility of a venue looks at areas such as accessible parking nearby, flooring and paths clear of obstructions, ramps, adequate lighting, accessible toilets, doors that are easy to open, signage, placement and height of furniture, price range, assistance provided by staff and everything in between. Information on areas such as these can help people with a disability make a decision on where to eat based on level of physical accessibility or assistance they may need.

    What are the benefits to business owners registering for inclusion in the Accessible Eating Guide?

    Business owners who register for inclusion in the Accessible Eating Guide will gain advertisement of their services to the community and have the opportunity to extend their consumer base. Eateries involved in the Accessible Eating Guide will also gain an insight into some inclusive practices that will enable them to service a wider range of community members and in general promote an accessible and welcoming business.

    Who uses the Accessible Eating Guide?

    This tool is specifically beneficial for individuals with disability, their families and carers to select eateries that will cater for all members and that will reduce the barriers to accessing goods, services and facilities.