What prompted the Shire is starting looking at the 2040 community plan?

    During the community consultation for the development of the 2017-21 Council Plan, our community recognised a need for a community plan, which became one of councils priorities for its four year term. In addition to community feedback, the Local Government Bill 2018 was released, with a new requirement that all Victorian Council’s must have an operational community plan, of at least 10 years. 

    Why is it important that the community get involved in shaping the future of the Glenelg Shire?

    It is important that our community get involved in long term strategic planning to ensure that we are creating a shared vision; for community members, industries, businesses, and government authorities. It is important that people get involved to share their ideas and aspirations, so that we can develop a blueprint for what we wish to achieve in 20 years. 

    How will you go about getting community feedback?

    Through pop ups, workshops, online surveys and vox pops, we aim to have a variety of different conversations, with many different stakeholders.

    How is this different to any other consultation program?

    This consultation program differs because this community plan your voice; what our community say is what goes into the plan. Generally, community consultation programs result in consultation fatigue. That’s because councils are legislated to engage on projects, however are not legislated to come back to communities with findings, project outcomes or why a project never went ahead. This is a different experience, as what comes back to the community in the form of a plan, is a categorised version of what the project findings were. 

    What type of things are you looking to change?

    We are trying to identify the need for change, rather than what to change. There might not be any change required, maybe only some slight improvement. But this is why we need community involvement, to provide examples of what needs to change, what needs to improve, and what is fine to just stay the same.