What future Glenelg do you want to help to create?

4 months ago
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What personal actions will you take to help Glenelg be a great place to live in 2040? How will you get involved?

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  • rg.jg 4 months ago
    If we want the shire to really be connected, then there should be a regular Portland to Casterton passenger service.Another thing that may help seniors is to have additional parking at rear of shops with rear access for those who cannot turn their neck sufficiently to see behind them.
  • rg.jg 4 months ago
    Mary Gilmore is one of this nation's greatest women. She married into a local family and taught in several of our district's schools. There should be a memorial to her.
  • rg.jg 4 months ago
    The safety of our senior residents is terrorised when trying to cross Casterton's main street without a pedestrian crossing. I know the trucking industry is vital for our town, but surely the lives of our residents is much more important.
  • rg.jg 4 months ago
    I recommend to NOT crate a walking trail on the Casterton to Branxhome. Instead it will be far more beneficial to reinstate the rail line from Sandford to Branxhome to take hundreds of thousand tons of freight that is decimating our roads. I'll tell you how.
  • rg.jg 4 months ago
    For Casterton to be an area that is pro-active, that utilises its great potential and encourages contributions by younger generations. With leadership to give encouragement This can all be done and Casterton can grow again. I have a list of twelve proposals to take us progressively into 2040.
  • Barry Sullivan 7 months ago
    Re open the railway line between Portland & Mt Gambier. Freight train for logs & wood chips. Small tourist train between Portland & Mt Gambier. Small locomotive tourist train that stops at Heywood & Dartmoor.
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    • Roger3305 4 months ago
      Tourist railways can attract enthusiast from around the world, if done well. We would need to study successful (and non-successful ) railways in this country and around the world to get it right and be able to apply for long term government funding. It would require both Vic and South Australian governments to work together on this tourism project.
  • bevmac 6 months ago
    Continue to be informed and participate in community consultations. Encourage others in the community to become interested and participate in designing Glenelg Shire future into 2040
  • merridy 6 months ago
    continue to support places that promote healthy activity like the pools, walks, cheap hall hire and gyms.
  • heathermullen 6 months ago
    Invest more in the small towns to keep them going. They all have history which can be used to attract visitors.
  • Manju Sharma 6 months ago
    Have more multicultural activities to get everyone living in community together, get more doctors and develop health industry of our community.
  • Waynebarrett 7 months ago
    Continue to promote the shire snd Portland through Portland Community Garden Inc which welcomes everyone regardless of their age, race, religion or ability. Telling everyone who will listen the positive story that is Glenelg Shire