What is the purpose of the Community Reference Groups?

    The Community Plan Community Reference Group (CRG) is responsible for providing support and recommendations to the Glenelg Shire Council to assist in the development of the Community Plan. The CRG will also provide advice and information to the broader community to encourage participation in the project. The CRG be the project champions and assist with the delivery of community consultation within their local areas. This also includes the consideration of community requests received in order to attain the project objectives.

    How were people selected to the Community Reference Groups?

    People living and working in the Shire were invited to apply to join a local community reference group between October 2019 to February 2020. The opportunity was promoted via:

    • local newspapers
    • council's website
    • individual calls to community groups
    • flyers distributed throughout townships
    • social media postings

    The number of nomination forms received matched the number of spaces available and therefore everyone that applied were accepted. There are a total of 82 members.

    How many groups are there? When and where will they meet?

    There are four groups:

    • Casterton
    • Heywood
    • Narrawong 
    • Portland 

    Groups will meet twice in their township (with the potential for an extra one if needed) and twice collectively. Whole of Shire meetings will be an opportunity to come together to discuss issues relating to the entire Shire.

    Details of the meetings will be listed on the Key Dates area of this page.

    What am I required to do as a Community Reference Group member?

    As a CRG member you are expected to review literature in between meetings and participate in the discussion and activities during the face-to-face workshops. 

    This will consist of:

    • 4-5 meetings (2 hours each) 
    • approximately 1-2 hours between meetings 

    What will the final Community Plan look like?

    The final Community Plan will be used in the following ways:

    • Inform community activation
    • Inform Council planning and workplan
    • Inform investment attraction
    • Inform Council advocacy priorities

    It will therefore contain a mixture of Shire-wide priorities informed through the consultation as well as township level detail. We would like to include as many local stories and photos as possible to provide meaning to the wider community. 

    We are currently working to finalise a draft outline for the report which we will send to you as soon as we have a draft. 

    Examples community plans from other councils include: