What is the Regional Infrastructure Fund?

    The Regional Infrastructure Fund seeks to assist the growth of rural Victoria by providing grants for infrastructure projects that have the potential to stimulate economic and community development. For further information please visit. 


    What is the purpose of the space?

    This location’s main purpose is to provide a space for Traditional Owner cultural activities. Furthermore, it is to support engagement and celebration of the Gunditjmara culture. 

    This project will benefit our whole community by providing:  

    1. A designated space for Gunditjmara people and First Nations people to hold cultural ceremonies, celebrations and traditions. 
    2. A ceremony circle to reclaim Gunditjmara Songlines.
    3. A physical representation of Gunditjmara people and culture in the landscape. 
    4. A space for the whole community to gather to experience and connect with Gunditjmara culture.
    5. A space for general use, to hold public events and workshops for all community to participate in.  Including being an event space for the whole community to embrace and access. 

    Why this location?

    The location of the space was determined in consultation with Gunditjmara Traditional Owners. Considerations were given to the Foreshore Masterplan, existing infrastructure and green space, along with the required needs of the space from practical application. The development of the space will complement the nearby Pulambeet All Abilities Playground, drawing on similar themes and design elements.

    What materials and resources will be used?

    The design of the space has drawn from both Gunditjmara culture and the natural coastal elements that the space sits within. This space intends to honour both in its completion. The same Landscape Architect who designed the Pulambeet All Abilities Play Space has been contracted to design the Ceremony and Dance space to ensure alignment between both spaces in terms of design, representation of culture and artistic elements. 

    The project will utilise as many materials and resources from local and regional providers in the area as possible. Council has a weighted evaluation criteria within its Procurement Policy for local resourcing or materials and contractors.

    Why are we building this space?

    The Traditional Owner Dance and Ceremony Space speaks to Council's commitment as a Shire to build representation of the Gunditjmara people and culture into civic precincts as an important act of recognition and acknowledgement.

    The development of this space links to the community objective in Council's 2040 Community Plan and Vision as developed by you the community, to recognise and honour Indigenous history and culture by providing story telling opportunities, public art opportunities and by celebrating history and culture through public events.

    In the 2040 Community Plan and Vision, residents of the Shire also said they would like to foster social inclusion, embrace diversity, and enhance community safety. There was also a strong desire to acknowledge, protect and celebrate Aboriginal heritage and culture.

    The development of this space will provide the opportunity to extend cultural celebration and activities across Gunditjmara Country to Portland. This is a project that delivers beyond its physical development, providing opportunities for shared learning, and social benefit.

    Who can use this space?

    This space will be used for Gunditjmara traditional dance, cultural ceremonies, education, community workshops and truth telling.

    It will also remain an available space for the wider community to enjoy as an attractive focal point along the foreshore.

    Want to know more?

    The purpose of this project page is to inform the wider community of the project status, plans, and drawings, and aims to provide answers to any questions you may have. If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the officers listed in the “Who’s Listening” section on the right side of this page.