What is it?

    The Casterton Structure Plan will provide a clear and rational framework for future development in the township. It will ensure that the ‘right’ types of development occur in the ‘right’ locations.

    The plan will establish a township boundary and provide direction regarding the location and form of future land uses and building design.

    It will coordinate land uses, buildings, access and spaces for the Casterton town centre and surrounding residential, industrial and agricultural land.

    In particular it will examine pedestrian connections and infrastructure to support healthy activity as the population ages. It will also consider the provision and location of community services and facilities.

    Planning and design consultants, Planisphere, have been engaged to assist in the preparation of the Structure Plan.

    Why prepare a future plan for Casterton?

    It is not expected that Casterton will experience high levels of growth in the future; however there are many opportunities within and around the township that can be identified to assist in supporting liveability and economic opportunities.

    There is imminence potential to increase tourism within Casterton, as well as enhance the existing township for the local community. Developing a vision and clear strategies that aim to improve the mix and location of land uses, as well as guide future development will assist in protecting the town and establishing new ventures.

    How can I be involved?

    There are a number of ways you can be involved in the Casterton Structure Plan.

    You can undertake an online survey, participate in consultation sessions or provide feedback at various stages through the project. 

    Project Bulletin’s will be issued as the study progresses to notify the community of upcoming consultation sessions.

    You can ask questions or provide feedback via the yoursay.glenelg.vic.gov.au forum at any time or call Council’s Planning Unit on (03) 5522 2187.

    What is the expected timeline for the project?

    The development of the Casterton Structure Plan will be undertaken in five stages over a 12 month period as outlined below:

    Stage 1: Issues & Opportunities

    February to March 2017

    Stage 2: Vision

    April 2017

    Stage 3: Emerging Directions

    May 2017

    Stage 4: Draft Structure Plan

    September 2017

    Stage 5: Final Structure Plan

    November 2017