How is the Health and Wellbeing Plan developed?

    The Health and Wellbeing Plan is developed by our elected Councillors, in consultation with staff, other health organisations, and the community. Councillors will consult with people who live, work and play in the Glenelg Shire about their vision for their communities, issues they're passionate about, and projects they're interested in. Councillors will then consider this feedback while they are forming Council's health and wellbeing priorities for the next four years. These priorities will form the themes, objectives and strategies in the Health and Wellbeing Plan.

    How can I have input?

    There will be a number of opportunities to offer your feedback on the Health and Wellbeing Plan. Between Monday 13 February and Sunday 5 March, we asked the community for their ideas through workshops, listening posts and stalls in Portland, Heywood, Narrawong, Tyrendarra, Heywood, Merino, Dartmoor, Casterton and Nelson, and this YourSay Glenelg page. We are currently incorporating this feedback into the plan development. 

    A draft plan will be available for feedback in August, with another series of workshops and listening posts, in addition to a feedback form on this YourSay Glenelg page. 

    You are also welcome to contact Phoebe Nagorcka-Smith on if you have any questions. 

    What is the Health and Wellbeing Plan?

    The Health and Wellbeing Plan is a document that guides Council's decision making and service provision related to health and wellbeing, during each elected term. Health and Wellbeing Plans usually include themes (broad areas of interest and importance), objectives (what we want to achieve) and strategies (how we will achieve them).